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Our Story


Although Theo and Jackie grew up on opposite coasts, they had a lot in common when they met at the University of Colorado.  Each of them was from a small coastal town and loved the beach and the ocean.


After graduating and moving to Boston, they got married and bought their first condo in the North End on Boston’s Waterfront.  It wasn’t ideal, with round windows so low they had to bend over to see outside. It was dark and a little dreary but they saw potential in the high ceilings and the open feeling of the layout.  With an updated kitchen and a new paint job, they quickly realized what a big difference small changes could make. They ended up selling that condo and 2 more in the same building within 3 years, igniting a passion for real estate.


Their desire to raise kids in a coastal community led them to Hingham, MA. With 3 beautiful children, Hannah, Emma and Noah, they have made this town their home.  When they are not obsessing about the latest house that came on the market or working late into the night on project details and financials, they can be found enjoying the restaurants downtown, traveling to visit their kids in college or surfing and hanging out at the beach.  As a family, they thrive on adventure and appreciate experiencing new cultures. Together, they have traveled to more than 17 countries on 4 continents to understand ways of life different from their own.


Their love for Hingham and real estate has collided over the last 20 years as they have bought, sold, built, renovated, and lived all over the town. They thrive on finding new neighborhoods yet to be discovered or houses where nobody else can see the potential. They have finally settled in the Crow Point area of Hingham and are enjoying the coastal life they have always envisioned. Recently, they have expanded their excitement for real estate out of Hingham with exciting projects in Nantucket and Florida.

Jackie grew up in Rhode Island in a family of real estate professionals.  Her father, a prominent real estate attorney and her mother, an active real estate broker and investor, built, renovated and rented properties in the Providence area. Jackie remembers growing up visiting construction sites, looking at apartments and hearing about the latest closing. In 1987, she decided to move from her east coast roots to Boulder, Colorado where she was a student at the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business and graduated with a degree in Marketing.


After moving to Boston and marrying Theo, she quickly continued her love for business by enrolling in Boston University’s MBA program. With a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, she always dreamed of starting her own company. Sharp Real Estate and Development combines her vision for creating beautiful homes with the day to day organizational skills necessary to complete projects on time and on budget.


Theo grew up on the southern California coast in a family with a DIY attitude. His dad, an architect and construction manager, spent time with Theo as they did small and large projects around the house on most weekends.  


Theo left California to attend the University of Colorado and graduated with a degree in finance from the Leeds School of Business. After college, he moved to Boston and attended law school at Northeastern University.  As Sharp Real Estate and Development formed, Theo has leveraged his legal degree, finance background and knowledge of construction to quickly move projects from concept to acquisition, financing, permitting, and final sale.  Theo is also a real estate broker and has extensive experience working on transactions in various neighborhoods in Hingham.

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